Best Guide on How to Motivate Yourself to Study

It feels like a drag to study and catch up with reading from the previous weeks. It’s overwhelming because the studying can come with questions where you will doubt yourself on personal levels with many thoughts. You will have many doubts in yourself like these here:

  • Do you understand the readings? 
  • Will you be able to write anything relevant and interesting?
  • Will you be able to do the right thing? 
  • What if you do it badly?

These are subtle thoughts that can end in hard feelings that interfere with your motivation. If you find yourself in such a state, use the following clues to motivate yourself.

Acknowledge your difficult feelings and resistance with motivation

Such a bold step will help you write thoughts and feelings down and then leave them on the other side for you to study. 

  1. Don’t run away

When you avoid work, you can feel deflated. It’s draining emotionally to go through the frustrations of reading for your exam. 

  1. Don’t blame yourself for frequent procrastinating

Try and become aware of the habit and gently make yourself embark on the task sooner than later. If you don’t feel like doing your assignments at all, consider finding a help service and pay for homework there. Any action is better than procrastination.

  1. Understand better your studying style

What will make it easier for you to work? All human beings are prone to pleasant experiences. It’s a natural way to evade uncomfortable duties and dry chores. Try and make your study experience more interesting. 

  1. Don’t doubt your abilities

Don’t degrade yourself by comparing yourself with other people. Live your life and understand your weakness. Seek help in areas that you don’t understand well. According to your financial strength, understand what you can avoid and can’t afford

  1. Visualize yourself starting the process

Sit down and work, even if it’s only for 20 minutes. You need to perceive the start as a parallel process like a plane on a runway. A plane starts slowly, but it will still take off into the air. That’s the spirit you need to have. 

  1. Focus on the task that you have at hand

Limit multitasking aiming to complete many things at once. Prioritize your tasks based on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can also prioritize based on the delivery date set. You will have time to tackle a single activity in time when the brains are set. 

  1. Communicate with others on any problems or what you need to do

Such an act will enable you to engage with the process and identify the vital tasks. Externalization or communication will help you to commit to immediate goals. You can also get other viewpoints and tips to aid you in your writing. 

  1. Schedule your tasks using the limited approach

Ask yourself questions like how much you can achieve in the next two hours instead of asking yourself questions like “can I complete this task fully? In such a way, you will not get overwhelmed easily with the volume of work that you need to study. 

  1. Studying can take you out of your comfort zones

Have you hiked any mountain before? It’s not an easy task, and you will feel uncomfortable, but the pleasure will surface when you start viewing from certain heights. The pleasure will also surface when you start feeling the fresh air. When you reach your destination to the top, you get a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Focusing on the outcomes will not make you struggle to get to the top of the mountain. The same principle works with any form of writing.


Studying isn’t an easy task to take lightly. You need to get high motivation and stay strong to complete your studies successfully. Use the above guideline to boost your motivation to study well.