Where Should I Go Looking For Correct Answers To My English Homework?

Students are extremely busy. There are more extracurricular activities than ever before and many sports from which to choose. Some even have after school jobs. And, teachers are assigning loads of assignments and students might not be able to find English homework help online. What can a student do when they need assistance? To whom can they turn and say: I need help with my English homework?

The Internet

The Internet is the easiest and most accessible source for almost any issue. You could just type: I need help with my English assignment, and you will get many helpful sites.

Chegg.com: a website that specializes in English and provides help with course work, online tutoring, test prep, 24/7 online study help

Slader.com: a website that helps with many subjects, including English;

Enotes: a website that assists with literature; and,

Studypool: a site on which you can ask questions, such as I need answers to my English homework.

A Tutor

A child whose grades are falling, is always confused, lacks confidence, and has a learning disability might do better with the individual attention a tutor provides. Tips for finding a good tutor include:

Ask your child’s school. Your child’s school should have resources on how to find tutors, both private and through the school system. It may even know of a student, volunteer, or free government program;

Some non-profit organizations, such as the YMCA and public libraries, offer to tutor. Such can easily be found through Internet searches;

The local paper or those that specialize in children’s interests will often list tutoring specialists; and,

Ask friends and other parents. They are the best sources of information.

Homework Help Website

If you are desperate and have nowhere else to turn, there are websites that actually do assignments, for a fee. If you decide to use such a site, you need to be careful and, no pun intended, do your assignments. There are scammers out there that promise results and, after taking your money, provide poor quality, plagiarized material, or nothing at all. Tips for spotting scammers:

It promises free help. If it looks to good to be true, it probably is;

There are no testimonials on the site; and,

No one has ever heard of the site.

Tips for finding a legitimate help site:

Browse college sites. Do extensive Internet research;

Ask other students for opinions; and,

If you think you found a site you like, make sure it has examples. It should have 24/7 customer support and a live tutor feature.

These tips will have you find correct answers for your next English assignment.